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pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk


Pilates is a non-aerobic form of exercise that strengthens your body giving you endless benefits.

Yoga classes in Gorelston


Our yoga classes incorporates postures and movements to energise and strengthen your body.

bootybarre lessons in norfolk


This hugely popular class fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga.

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pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk


Pilates is a non-aerobic form of exercise that strengthens your body giving you endless benefits. Core strengthening for Spinal and Pelvis alignment, decreases and prevents injuries, improves posture, giving body confidence & awareness and improved flexibility. Pilates is for EVERYONE and with practice you will realise how vital this form of exercise is for general wellbeing and inner strength. Making the mind and body work as one through a focused approach, leaves you feeling positively relaxed and stress free.

Within just weeks of you will notice your stomach is flatter. Your muscles will feel more toned and your joints will be looser and more supple. To help you achieve this we offer a range of classes from beginners and injury classes though to dynamic and more advanced.

Pilates Class in Great Yarmouth
Yoga classes in Gorelston


Our yoga classes incorporate postures and movements to energise and strengthen your body, focusing on moving with your breath. This class is accessible for all levels and experience, with various stretches, postures and vinyasa flow sequences, ending with relaxation. These classes encourage movement with awareness and care, showing kindness and appreciation to our bodies.

Yoga classes in Norfolk
pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk

Men's Pilates

A class solely for men, no experience necessary. You will be guided to learn how to move your body in a safe, efficient manner. Encouraging individual awareness, the importance of breath, building stability, strength and confidence, in turn allowing the release and relaxation of the body and mind. You will improve your postural alignment, flexibility and reduce aches and pains. Pilates is definitely for men, after all it was developed by a man ‘Joseph Pilates’!

Mens Pilates lessons in Gorlstone
pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk

Seated Pilates (on chairs)

These classes allow you to feel the same benefits as Pilates but are aimed at people with arthritis, joint pain or who have limited mobility and struggle to get down to the floor. This class will leave you feeling more energised and improve mobility and general wellbeing and definitely improve mental clarity.

Seated Pilate classes in Norfolk
pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk

Corporate Pilates

Classes in your own Office or workspace ( min 8 people )

We are excited to announce we are taking bookings for Corporate Pilates. A healthy workforce is essential to all businesses, so why not put on office Pilates classes? They could be before work, during lunch or after work. If you have the required space available, we are happy to come to you with the required equipment, or you come to us at the studio. Why not give it a try? Not only is it great stress relief, which in turn increases staff productivity. Pilates also strengthens the postural muscles to prevent injury and back pain and increases flexibility. It’s also great for staff morale and team building!

Corporate Pilates classes in norfolk
pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk

Pilates for Seniors

These classes are for the more mature client whom we would like to encourage to enjoy Pilates. These sessions will allow movement and education in a safe, positive space. We believe you are never too old to start Pilates. It is never too late to learn to use your body in a smarter, more efficient manner.

Increasing your awareness of your body and mind, increasing your flexibility, strength and importantly your balance. Knowing you can build strength and awareness enables you to continue the things you would like to do. Modifications are available and this class will be practiced at a slow pace, building awareness with each session. We are sure you will feel the positive impact of Pilates on your mind and body, building your confidence in a very short space of time and you will also meet new and inspiring people.

Senior Pilates classes in Gorleston
pilate lessons in gorleston norfolk

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is done on an advanced and versatile piece of Pilates equipment; The reformer machine. These sessions are held at our private seaside studio where Hannah offers one to one or dual sessions.  Reformer Pilates can be tailored to anyone’s needs whether it be those who are trying to strengthen after surgery or an injury or an athlete that wants to improve his
or her performance.

Working on the Reformer involves Pushing and Pulling with legs or arms against the resistance of the springs, carriage and own body weight. This makes it a great strength and bone building form of exercise. Allot of the exercises involve eccentric muscle contractions. This is when a muscle lengthens as it resists force. The best thing about the reformer is its versatility. You may find yourself doing exercises standing, laying or jumping or whilst under load of the springs, therefore it challenges strength and stability. The instability of a moving or rolling carriage beneath you, with the springs set at different levels of resistance provides all kinds of stability challenge. These develop core strength and promote better balance.

Reformer Pilates in Norfolk
bootybarre lessons in norfolk

Booty Barre

This hugely popular class fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga. You will streamline, firm, tighten and tone your entire body, without adding bulk. Creating balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The result is a body that looks and moves 10 years younger! (And get this… you don’t need any dance experience!) Booty Barre is the all-new workout from LA which Hannah has been trained by celebrity trainer and Booty Bar Creator Tracey Mallet. Hannah has gone on to become a master trainer and to teach new instructors in the UK and Europe.
It’s a class you MUST try!

Bootybarre classes in Norfolk

Each of these classes are delivered from our main Riverside studio in Gorleston or our satellite venues in Hopton, Gorleston, Belton, Bradwell or Hemsby. If you prefer the comfort of your own home they can also be done online via zoom. Check our timetable for more info.

pilate classes in gorleston
Pilates Classes in Gorleston
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